Stevie Pre music sounds like when a elephant dies and is reincarnated as a dragonfly. He is a producer out of New Jersey who got his start producing, recording, and djing as part of the underground hip hop group Babbletron (signed to Embedded Music). He began as a guitarist for a hardcore band in high school, but soon after fell in love with beat making. In 1996 he moved to Washington DC, where he built his skills as a battle dj/turntablist and beat maker while attending college. In 2000 he moved to Brooklyn to form Babbletron with Jaymanila and Cool Calm Pete. Then in 2005 he moved back to New Jersey to continue to sharpen his craft and release solo work as Stevie Pre. A slow progression through different genres of music have left him with a colorful pallete which he summons to create his blend of American music.